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Truth in Love
The Irrelevant Majority
Link: The Irrelevant Majority Author: Matt Ward Source: A constant refrain when discussing issues of radical Islam is that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not radicalized. I agree completely. The vast majority of Muslim men and women are people who just want to live their lives, bring up their families and make the most out of the short time they have available to them. Almost all Western intelligence agencies are unanimous in their estimates that anywhere between 15-25 percent of Muslims worldwide are radicalized. That means there are between 180-300 million radicalized Muslim men and women in the world today. It is quite right to point out that this therefore means there are 75 percent of the Muslim Uma who are not radicalized. (An overwhelming majority.) The problem is though that this majority is completely irrelevant. During the 1930s in Germany... (more)

Mac Bluray player
Macgo iPhone Cleaner Support
64bit iTunes

Macgo has announced its latest product release - Macgo iPhone Cleaner V1.3.1, which grows so much since last year’s debut, not to mention its support of 64bit iTunes today. As a thorough and safe cleaning tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it has its uniqueness compared with other cleaning tools in the industry. Its simplified interface and easy operation will help users reclaim up 40% - 60% storage space by deeply cleaning useless files like off-line, corrupt and forgotten files, redundant app crash logs, temp, cache, cookie, and many other kinds of junk files. What’s New in Macgo iPhone Cleaner V1.3.1: 1. Support 64bit iTunes. 2. Improved running performance and loading speed of the program. It is well known that 64bit App usually run much faster than the 32bit one. To better compatible with the latest 64bit iTunes, Macgo has developed 64bit iPhone Cleaner to offer users better iPhone cleaning experience. Mac users can directly download and install Mac version.... (more)

burberry soldes Monte-Crist

Pâle, l'il morne, la poitrine oppressée, tous les traits de cette figure ordinairement si calme et si noble étaient bouleversés par la douleur. Il tenait dans ses bras l'enfant, auquel aucun secours n'avait pu rendre la vie. Il mit un genou en terre et le déposa religieusement près de sa mère, la tête posée sur sa poitrine. Puis, se relevant, il sortit, et rencontrant un domestique sur l'escalier : «Où est M. de Villefort, » demanda-t-il. Le domestique, sans lui répondre, étendit la main du côté du jardin. Monte-Cristo descendit le perron, s'avança vers l'endroit désigné, et vit, au milieu de ses serviteurs faisant cercle autour de lui, Villefort une bêche à la main, et fouillant la terre avec une espèce de rage. trench coat burberry pas cher, «Ce n'est pas encore ici, disait-il, ce n'est pas encore ici. Et il fouillait plus loin. Monte-Cristo s'approcha de lui, et tout bas : «Monsieur, lui dit-il d'un ton presque humble, vous avez... (more)

Be like them
skip the bacon
This recipe for drunken beans was directly inspired by a recipe in Cook’s Illustrated, which somehow I had never read before last month. I’m now completely hooked on their combination of kitchen science and insanely thorough recipe testing. Andrew Janjigian took the concept of Mexican drunken beans, frijoles borrachos, and figured out the science behind making them taste fantastic without being boozy. The key lies in when you add the alcohol, and how you cook it off. It’s fascinating, check out the original piece in the January/February issue (subscription required). I followed his instructions for an overnight soak, then cooking the beans in the oven to prevent them from breaking. Adding the alcohol in two stages provided excellent flavor with no booziness. I needed to make them low-sodium, so I omitted the 3 tablespoons(!) of salt in the soaking wter. And gluten-free, so I needed gluten-free beer. Luckily, I happened upon the Mission Brewing booth at the Gluten-Free and... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
We are the London Welsh
This year I actually had a good birthday week! Wednesday: in the day I did nothing and in the evening me, Rachel, Abi and Kim went to the pub, Abi drove on the A316 which I really like in the evening, and Kim got smashed and recognised the guy who was working at the drive-thru Maccy's when we went and was sooo funny, also she ended up surrounded by rugby guys and I met this guy who was like 'you know Seb, isn't he amazing!' and I was like....amazing enough to go out with yes hahaha it was a really cute night!Thursday: in the day me and mum went to the cinema together to see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and it was really lovely and made me cry! Then I went to Kingston and met Alice, and she paid for a birthday meal and cocktails for us both and she bought me Lush stuff and it was sooo cute! I really enjoyed myself :-) lovely dayFriday: me and Rach went to the Barbican to see an exhibition that thoroughly confused us, and then to Maccy's which was nice, and then to Topshop in... (more)

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